These challenges let you do a bit of everything

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These challenges let you do a bit of everything including every one of the MyTeam modes, solo or multiplayer, 3v3 , clutch shoot, triple double or shoot. They perfectly demonstrate one of most pressing issues of the game, which is its difficulty for noobs. If the players are excellent it's just one of the rules, but for NBA 2K22 MT For Sale casuals or players with less than doubtful abilities (present! ) the challenges that are offered can be compared to Everest climbing in sandals.

The reason is quite simple: 2K does not have a greater impact on the targets to be met (on contrary, in general) however the gameplay has become much more demanding with the arrival of and the next gen. Shooting is no longer an option. The AI ? is more aggressive, which makes 3v3 a lot more painful. This is why it's more difficult to be a part of the solitary world of multiplayer, where the bad or even average player has no chance of hitting his ball.

One option is to practice. or stay off the field. This is the place where we could be pleasantly surprised: the more MyTeam is accessible in its reach, the more it can target a broad spectrum of users and thus increase the profile of its owner in the sales of cards. However, in reality, it's exactly the opposite. MyTeam is rather elitist which is frustrating to the people who buy its products.

Let's all pray for a little less of a struggle so that the worst basketball players online can experience the thrill of growing wings.

Finally, let's end with an additional highlight of the season: the presence of Candace Parker, the L.A. Sparks player, on the field today in Chicago. It's possible to become an assistant coach when you reach level 35. A very far from Buy NBA 2K Coins trivial feature that merits its own blog post. We will be meeting to discuss over WNBA and MyTeam shortly.

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