The Archer is one of two classes with a range, and is focused

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There's no option to allow other classes to make use of their secondary weapons, however, using them for Stats or to store Runestones still useful. For Elyon Gold the classes that use their secondary weapons It will prompt you to think about what you equip for that particular slot and which weapon will be perfect for the scenario at hand.

Before you enter Elyon's world Elyon you'll need to choose your character class among the options available. While aspects such as appearance, race, and gender do not impact your character's game-play performance However, their gender will be a big factor in determining their gameplay.

Do you like to attack adversaries from a distance or do you prefer close combat? Do you want to become a powerful spellcaster or do you prefer to help your friends? Do you prefer to concentrate on DPS or develop your character into tank? Luckily, Elyon has enough classes that can be adapted to any playstyle.

This is a quick overview of each class to help to make a decision.


The Archer is one of two classes with a range, and is focused on dealing damage to a few targets. While it does have skills that are able to target multiple enemies however, the Archer excels when it is able to focus only a small number of opponents at one time.The Archer excels against larger enemiesdue to their capabilities. have a higher chance of hitting the target. Furthermore, large enemies will take damage by the individual arrows fired by the skills.

The Archer can create distance between themselves and enemies however they aren't as durable as some of combat classes. Without another partner to Elyon Gold buy draw enemy fire, Archers are vulnerable to enemy attacks. Supporting other classes with ranged DPS to rapidly take down targets is what an Archer excels at.

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