The point isnt that it wasnt boring in the first place

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The point isnt that it wasnt boring in the first place

You can easily create another account for RS gold that, it's not like you need to play the main game at all to be able to access Leagues.

The anti-EZscape audience probably won't want to admit it but it turns out this sport is actually more fun for a lot of people when you don't have to spend 30 hours clicking brown rocks to get to your next goal

Nonetheless, it's probably a whole lot more enjoyable since we are utilized to the slow xp rates. It would not feel as fun if it were constantly OP, since then it wouldn't be OP it'd just be.Exactly, I am at the point where every fucking thing happens so damn long on my damn ironman and it is so unfun. Numerous hours to get one agility level is not rewarding. I know that's just how the game is, but it's one reason so many men and women are off and on this game so much. Get a burst of energy to perform, play fairly hard and accomplish some goals, and then be burnt out and retire yet next time.

I feel like that is a massive draw at precisely the same time tho.

There's no other game I can be working on an accounts for literal years. Even if I quit for a year or 2 this account is there waiting for me to return and pick up where I left off, and I know there's going to be things to go for.

Even though this isn't some thing I always need to do, it is nice that there is a game such as this out there to jump into if in the mood.

The point isnt that it wasnt boring in the first place, its that the sole reason its fun now is *because* it was dull in the first location. The slow content gave context and meaning to the increased pleasure we've had with this one.

Imo, leagues wants osrs to exist, otherwise its significantly less purposeful, and anybody calling for permanent leagues is extremely short sighted and is kidding themselves if they believe it wouldnt get dull in a few months. And this is buy rs gold paypal coming from somebody who doesnt play with osrs as much anymore, and has only been attracted back by leagues.