He utilizes Ancient Magics, including Miasmic

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He utilizes Ancient Magics, including Miasmic, as well as ranged and a melee attack using an energy whip. Defeating him is more of RuneScape gold a battle of wits than many battles you fight. He appears in the middle of the point, does an emote, disappears, starts an assault (at the floor, not in you, so you are able to dodge), disappears, rinse and repeat. I won't go into details about what occurs, think of it yourself. If you understand what attack is coming, but not where it will be you can utilize prayer, but everytime you use prayer to block an attack, your prayer is drained a few points.

Additionally, the only potions which have effect in here are the barbarian"mix" potions. When the Phantasm is dead, then he will laugh and say your attempts are pathetic in the surface of Evil Incarnate. However, you didn't make him vanish for a time. Head to the north of the region and there will be a dark crystal there. Smash it and get the hell out of there.I am not really happy with the way this came out, and I am also well aware that the name for the armor is idiotic. I am still attempting to think of a better name for this. Allow me to know if you have any suggestions to improve the quest.

Royal Experiment. Start: Speak to King Vargas within buy RS gold his castle in Miscellania. Skills: 30 Crafting, 40 Smithing, 20 Structure, 30 Slayer, 40 Mining, 50 Agility and 60 Defence. Quests: Royal Trouble and Merlin's Crystal. You must also have finished the Pirate Pete section of Recipe for Disaster.