What Constitutes an 'Emergency'?

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The Prepper Professor: School is in Session

If you asked people if a Pandemic was an emergency, do you think many would say, "Oh absolutely not. It's just a little inconvenience and then you get on with your life." 
How many people routinely plan for a Pandemic? Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Funds to get by if you're not working, Food to get you through the aforementioned Funding issue. Notice how the bulk of those were things you can do that will get you through a lot of 'Emergencies'? Natural Disaster? Cancer diagnosis? Losing a Job? Car breakdown? These are all things that impact you in one way or another; some more forcefully than others but they all disrupt The Normal Routine that we're used to.

A particularly important lesson this current situation is teaching us is for the most part, Everyone is being affected by it. It's not like the Hurricanes on the East Coast or the Forest Fires on the West Coast or the Tornadoes in the Mid-West. We have the ability, because of the Internet, to process and share information faster than before. When someone learns how something worked, or didn't, that can be disseminated across the globe. We know that information isn't always accurate, some can claim it's intentional disinformation. I leave that up to other minds to work through. 

The question for you, and there's no right or wrong answer for this quiz, What have you discovered you are lacking in for preparations for emergencies because of the Shutdown?

I teach common sense ways to prepare for Emergencies, Crisis Control, and other challenges that with some simple pre-planning, can give you More Options and More Control over that situation so you aren't either paralyzed with fear or in Decapitated Chicken mode (ask a Southerner, they can explain that one to you).

I hope I can offer some bits of hope and enlightenment and even a laugh or two as the Prepper Professor starts the semester - because Emergencies don't take Summers off.

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