We're going to be going fire later

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The DPS change is so minimal We're talking about WoTLK Gold, you know, fire magic I think benefits 250 DPS which is quite a lot in the beginning, but once you get to about 200-ish, as well 200 for ailments, Shadow Priests, something like that Arcane Mage at around 150 or so , similar to the DPS distinctions between the classes are pretty small. all of them all classes should be able to keep up the 3% boost lasting 10 seconds.

If the guild is fine with this, you may just trade with another Arcane Mage and then you both gain. But if you're in a sweaty guild, then obviously they're gonna prefer to trade with the player who has provided the highest raid DPS. But again, I just have argued class over player. Also, as you know, I don't know how much confidence we can put in these figures. Truthfully, I will add this to the form of a pin comment later in the event that we can get this figured out.

In the end, whatever we're going to be going fire later it will be a matter of trading with another mage who is a fire, so let people get used to the fact that it's only going to be within the mage brotherhood. One last thing I'm going to talk about is basically an PSA about not using a channel within Your Arcane Blast as macro. What do I mean by that, and what cheap WoTLK Gold the purpose is because you shouldn't clip your Arcane Missiles.

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