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The Real George Soros, Was Born Schwartz Gyorgy in Budapest, Hungary, August 12, 1930.

Schwartz Gyorgy, Born August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. During the Holocaust while the Jews, Christians and Non-Conformists were being rounded up and sent to Labor Camps, Others were Murdered. Accomplice to this action was a Young JewishTeenager, Schwartz Gyorgy (George Soros)! During a interview, Soros tells how he joined the SS and as a Nazi Collaborator,went door to door arresting Disenters and received their Valuables! When asked how he felt during this time in His life; He reported, "It was one of the most exciting times of My Life!"After Germany was defeated, Schwartz Gyorgy moved to England in 1947. He changed his name to George Soros and enrolled in the London School of Economics. The Nature of Young George Soros hadn't Changed. Graduating from his Host Country, He Shorts the British Pound Sterling and caused a run on the Bank of England and made $1Billion!  The Hungarian Government is calling Soros. "A Threat To National Security!"  Undeterred, Soros donated $32Billion to His Open Society Foundations and continues to Promote Democrats, Progressives and openly Funding South American Governments and their People to Illegally Enter America!        {  60 minute interview}

Larry Piles 2 yrs

Interesting information

Cathy AckermanDuncan 3 yrs

This man,......this Government,......this World is so corrupt, it's hard to trust anyone anymore. Before you cheer for any Public Figure, you better research that person to find the TRUTH about their character and belief system!

Jim McCraigh 3 yrs

Notice the swastika on his collar... it's all you need to know about Soros!

TheoDolinda 3 yrs

...and holds America "hostage" from a little island in the East River, aided and abetted by the UN, Columbia U, and most significantly, the Lenox Hill and East Harlem Democrat Clubs. He wants REVENGE on the USA, for the defeat of the Terza Reik.

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