Chicago Bulls Legend Added To NBA 2K21

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A new NBA 2K21 MyTeam series has been released, which includes one of the more sought after Chicago Bulls legends. In "Throwback Moments: Central Pack", one of the top cards in this series is Pink Diamond Ben Gordon, which is the top card in the series. If you want to have the top card in the series. Then you need to spend enough time in the game, but you can also buy NBA 2K21 MT to get these cards.

There are also Brad Daugherty and BJ Armstrong of Amethyst. The Gordon Card is an amazing addition. Gordon is one of the best Bulls players of the century, and his absence from the game also left a void. Secondly, this card is impressive. I haven't seen his animation yet, which is always a factor, but from the perspective of attributes and badges, he checked all the checkboxes. If you want to know more about 2K21 MT, please visit GameMS.

If you are worried about defense, Gordon has a "golden clip", so the premise is there. He also has 85 dunks, 96 speed balls and 94 three-pointers. Since Gordon Card can play the role of point guard and shooting guard, he should fit most lineups as long as he is not burdened with tedious animation. Although Gordon's absence from the game naturally attracted attention, Pink Diamond Jerry Stackhouse is also an excellent card. Stackhouse’s animation is excellent, he also has attributes and badges.

Like Gordon, the PD Stackhouse card also has a gold clip. He also received 95 dunk ratings and received 8 Hall of Fame medals. HOF Green Machine and Hot Zone Hunter improved his 88 three-pointers. Because Stackhouse's height is 6'6" and Gordon is 6'3", I hope the former is the best card in the series. Now you can Buy 2K21 MT to prepare for the best cards.

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