No mandatory unique items

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Requires attention to accuracy for optimal damage

Great clear speed and boss damage

Exceptional survivability

Affordable and easy to POE currency trade build

No mandatory unique items

Ideal for starters and experienced players alike


Requires attention to accuracy for optimal damage

Self-damage mechanic requires strategic play


Affordable, with early-game viability at around 60 chaos

Comfortable progression to yellow maps with additional investment

Atlas completion achievable with moderate investment

No.1 Best Affliction Melee Build - Cyclone of Tumult

The Cyclone of Tumult Slayer stands as the epitome of POE orbs for sale overpowered melee builds in Path of Exile 3.23. With the new Cyclone of Tumult gem, this build unleashes unparalleled devastation upon foes. Its exceptional clear speed, boss damage, and simplicity in assembly make it a top choice for melee enthusiasts.

AWeber Smart Designer