It is mathematically impossible that Q isn't real

Who is Q? Are the democrats going to get away with their deception much longer? Learn how Trump is working with military intelligence to free Americans once and for all.

Who is Q?

Q is a military intelligence operation under the Trump administration, designed to restore America to the people (which, for the last many decades, has been in the grasp of a global cabal who pervert our news, rob our wealth and wage continual wars).


Sound like a conspiracy theory? What if I were to tell you that there are thousands of proofs that Q is real? Today I will be discussing one of these proofs. First, however, you should listen ... really listen ... to Trump's final advertisement that he ran prior to the 2016 election.

Trump's Promise to Deal with Corruption

In his ad, you hear him talk about corruption. Trillions of dollars are at stake. It's been two years now that Trump has been in office -- and visibly, he hasn't addressed the corruption. However, behind the scenes, there has been a war waging between Trump and the good people in our military intelligence (the Q team) and the global cabal that has been driving America down while enriching themselves.

Like I said, there are thousands of proofs that exist that this war has been waged and is coming to a head. On February 27, Q posted this:

How Can You Know Q is Real?

Proofs are a big part of the Q movement. There are many ways Q has proved himself. Today I'll be covering one ... the timing of Q's posts when compared to Trump's posts.

There is a phenomenon where Q makes a post to his forum on 8 chan, and thereafter Trump tweets in less than 2 minutes. Q posts information for us to consider, and then Trump tweets in less than 2 minutes. Some days this has happened several times in a row.

Mathematical Impossibility

Following are the odds that Q is real based on how mathematically probable it is that Trump would continually post within 2 minutes of Q posting:

The odds of Trump randomly posting a tweet 2 minutes after Q posting becomes a 100% certainty that Q's posts are coordinated with Trump's posts after 20 instances. It is statistically impossible that Q's posts are not coordinated with Trump's tweets. I will give examples of this below. But first, what does this Q post and Trump tweet coordination mean?

Trump's Tweets are Coordinated with Q's Posts

If Trump tweets and then Q posts immediately thereafter, that would mean nothing. It would mean nothing because someone could watch and wait for Trump to post his tweet, and immediately thereafter post themself. Doing so wouldn't prove there is a relationship between Q and Trump.

However, when Q posts and then Trump posts immediately thereafter, many times -- it can only mean that Trump is coordinating his tweets with Q's posts. As shown in the above chart, if this happens 20 times or more, that becomes 100% certain to be true.

The insider information that Q is sharing, when proven to be coordinated with Trump, shows that this military intelligence operation called Q is working with Trump to accomplish the things Q posts about. Q has made thousands of posts. You can find them on

Examples of Q posting, With (Immediately Thereafter) Trump Posting

Following are examples where Q has posted, with Trump thereafter posting within 2 minutes.


There are three different Q posts above, matched with Trump tweets that happened within seconds that occurred on February 17, 2019.

Q Post and Trump Tweet #1

In the first post, Q discusses how democrats will lose elections if illegals are prevented from voting, and that this is why Democrats push for illegal immigrants to receive driver's licenses.

President Trump then posted a tweet, 9 seconds later, how democrats want to allow illegals to enter our country. Not only did Q somehow manage to post 9 seconds before Trump posted, but the content of Q's post exactly matched the subject matter of Trump's post.

Q Post and Trump Tweet #2

The next Q post involves the same subject matter. You can find the complete post here: The post is an overlay where democrats won in 2016, compared to states allowing illegals to get driver's licenses.

President Trump then posted a tweet, 33 seconds later, with a video excerpt again focusing on the problems of illegal immigration in our country.

This is the second time on the same day where Trump posted after Q posted, within seconds, with a tweet that covers the exact same subject matter.

Q Post and Trump Tweet #3

The final example above has Q posting this tweet: It is about how high level democrats are married to high level MSM executives, showing how the democrats and mainstream media are intricately connected.

President Trump then posted a tweet, 35 seconds later, about how the Mueller investigation is corrupt and how the democrats are the ones who colluded with Russia. He then called it a Witch Hunt (which is being conducted through the MSM). Again, not only did Trump post within seconds, the subject matter of the Q post was connected to Trump's tweet.

These are but three of many so called "0 delta" posts. In mathematics, delta stands for an "increment". A 0 delta represents a very small increment. There are many more examples where Trump has posted seconds after Q has posted. There are more awaiting for you to explore at

People Only Believe What They Discover On Their Own

Above, I showed you three of these "0 delta" posts that have Trump posting seconds after Q posts. I also state above that 20 of these means it is a mathematical impossibility that Trump isn't coordinating with Q. You may be wondering where the other 17 are.

That is for you to discover on your own. Recently I posted the fact that Notch, the billionaire creator of Minecraft, posted that "Q is legit. Don't trust the media." Someone challenged him to prove it. He had an interesting response.

It's up to you, if you want to learn more about Q. Doing so will give you a better handle on reality when the "Big Big Big Happenings", referred to above, start to happen shortly.

Democrats have run roughshod for far too long, and their time is coming to an end.

Thank you to the "anons" (researchers behind the Q movement who like to remain anonymous so they don't become a target) who helped research and create some of the graphics provided above.