One of Runescape’s main attraction was its quests

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Roald gives you a fishing rod and and some special bait. Now go to Barbarian Village to catch fish. One longfish should be caught and then cooked OSRS Accounts. Both require Cooking at Level 45 and Fishing. Here is your Longfish. Can I have the key, once again? I'm a man who sticks to my word. Take it.

Finding Ali's Key. Visit Prince Ali in prison. Hallo! Unfortunately, if you speak, I'll be arrested. I'm unable to speak right now. Remove all guards from Ali's cell and talk to Ali once more. Thank for your help! Thank you! Where is your key? What Key? The Key. Varce told me that Roald, Lathas and Lathas each have one.

Oh, that one. My hand was taken by the High Priest of Sophanem. He claimed that he wasn't fit to handle the item. These horid men captured me soon after! Talk with the high priest. He may need "Connections". Contact is complete. Go to the High Priest! Good morning, Adventurer! What can you do?

Prince Ali advised me to request the key. It's essential. Gilenor requires the keys immediately. They are returning with the Chalice of Eternity... and the Demonic Gladiators... Don't worry about your pathetic issues! There are "other" methods to accomplish it. To accomplish this, you'll need to have the requirements for the game. Right click on Pickpocket High Priest Buy RS3 Gold. You now have all three keys! (40 Requirements to give the key)

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